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We believe that nothing is more "All-American" than high school sports. Being able to support your local team in person is one of the greatest pleasures for sports fans across all generations. Of course it is impossible for radio and television to broadcast high school sporting events due to the sheer quantity of them, leaving fans in the dark when they could not attend. Not anymore, thanks to Danny Davis, owner and founder ofwww.facebook.com/sportscastmedia. Danny has purchased a total of 22 Dell Latitude 2110 Netbooks since last spring and plans on buying more before HS football starts this fall for the purpose of broadcasting HS sports over the internet. "I found www.Used-PCs.com while online and contacted John about what I needed. He was eager to gain my business and was genuinely interested in my company and meeting our needs. When I have a question about the technical side of things, Randal has been there for me as well. He’s offered solutions to problems and has always been very helpful.

"My business is growing rapidly and things are constantly changing. Used-PCs.com has already met my needs and I’m looking forward to a bright partnership with them in the years to come. I can honestly say that contacting John has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business.”

Danny Davis



John, I wanted you to know I got my computer today. I was very impressed with how you shipped it...very secure and looked like I was opening a new computer. Thank you for taking care in shipping. I love the computer, speed, looks, and have just installed my wireless and Norton. The computer looks in great shape, sure very, VERY minor blemishes as I expected. I will be sure my friends know how happy and please I am. Thanks again John, just wanted you to know how pleased I am."
Ronald - July 18, 2013 

John, I wanted you to know I got my computer today. I was very impressed with how you shipped it...very secure and looked like I was opening a new computer. Thank you for taking care in shipping. The laptop arrived today. It looks great and everything is working perfectly. Thanks very much. You'll be getting more business in the future, that's for sure. It was the first time I had purchased electronics over the internet so I am naturally relieved. Regards,

I love the computer, speed, looks, and have just installed my wireless and Norton. The computer looks in great shape, sure very, VERY minor blemishes as I expected. I will be sure my friends know how happy and please I am. Thanks again John, just wanted you to know how pleased I am.

John- Thank you sir I just got the drive slapped it in (very gently of course) and bam a working drive. I want to thank you I purchased a used drive on eBay and of course the seller said it worked but when it arrived it did not even spin the disk. Your price was very competitive only $4 more than my eBay purchase price. I didn't even know you were in Austin until I was in checkout and considered the 45 minute drive but UPS got it to me in one day. You and your company are great I thank you and look forward to doing business again. And in addition the packing was A+ I knew nothing could have been damaged in shipping :)
Blake Lemoi
Computer Services
San Antonio, TX
As of yesterday, I made my 52nd order through Used-PCs.com since 2005 with a 100% satisfaction rate. These orders averaged between 2 and 3 computers each, and usually accessories as well (keyboards, mice, monitors, etc.) They are very helpful and personable, and know me by name and treat me like a long-time friend. They have a small number of employees that answer the phones so when I call, I always know who I am talking to and they know me and my buying history. Of all my orders, only one arrived damaged (by UPS) and was promptly replaced without any hassle. These guys are great, and I will continue buying all of my company's computers and accessories through them. I have referred all of my clients to do business with them as well, and all have reported that their experiences were as positive as mine. Scott, Shiloh Treatment Center Just to let you know - dealing with you folks has been a breeze. I have recommended you to a few people so far, and whenever we've needed a quick ballpark for budget purposes, I've checked your web inventory first. Thanks again!
Rochester, NY
We sincerely appreciate the business we have done with you and are happy with the equipment. We have recommended you folks to everyone we know. We don't know if you've drawn any business from it, but we hope so. We hope you have a good one and will let you know next time we need anything.
DeBary, FL
I want to thank you for the sending pc's that we received just before Christmas. They are the right types we need as backup pc's for our warehouse system. We are very pleased. I will fill in the reference for you at your website and wish you all the luck and good bussines for the coming year.
Peter Appels
Just wanted to say thanks for our newest "baby": the Optiplex tower we received a couple weeks back. The machine looks like new, networked with ease, and is 2nd fastest CAD workstation in the office. You guys are the small-business person's best friend -- Your service has made it possible for us to do everything in house, and compete with bigger firms on man-hours. We hope to grow with you!
Roger Moore
Moore Architecture 
Houston, TX
I've never sent anyone a follow up letter after having placed an order. Usually there is some glitch or problem. Not so with Used-PCs.com. About a year ago, I ordered a Dell Latitude CPi and today it is still working perfectly. It arrived in perfect condition and was exactly as advertised. Last week I ordered a modem to replace the one that was installed in the PC when it arrived. There was nothing wrong with the modem I just wanted another for back up. I had the modem in less than a week and once again it worked perfect. I earn my living with these PCs by building and loading the databases in large Telco Central Office complexes. These PCs and prices are great!! Things have gone so well with Used-pcs.com that I?ve decided to order 3 more laptops. For once in my life I won?t be sitting on the edge of my chair wondering if I wasted my time and money. Thank you and all the staff at Used-pcs.com.
Walter Long
TLFG Consulting 
Prattville, AL
Cerebral Palsy of Louisana is a non-profit organization supporting the needs of people with cerebral palsy. Our resourses are limited and our priorities are client services first, so there is little funding to purchase luxury such as laptops. However, when I saw your prices, I decided to take a chance, in hopes of making it easier for my organization to compete in the bussiness world of today. I was very nervous spending our limited funds on used equipment and was anxious about our transaction. What a pleasant surprise to open your box and gaze upon the four beautiful laptops you sent. Not only did they meet my expectations, but they were far above my hopes. Each unit was in prestine condition and operated as well as when new. I appreciated the extra care you used in packaging the products. We are a limited funded organization, dependent on private donations, and every penny counts. You gave me the same treatment and courtesy as any Fortune 500 company and your product was as described or better! My future purchases will not make you rich, but you do have a loyal and faithful friend here in Louisiana. I will be recommending you to our clients who will need a honest and reliable source of inexpensive computer equipment!
Al B.
Cerebral Palsy of Louisana
Marrero, LA
I received the Dell Latitude CPi on Friday and am pleased with the notebook. I'm very pleased with the condition of the notebook, and with your attention to service. As soon as I get this machine loaded up and given to my wife, I'll be back for a notebook of my own. I'll also pass on your information to family and friends.
Roger M.
Houston, TX
I just got my XPI from y'all today, and it works great! All the software was preloaded just as I ordered, and I appreciate the free upgrade. I'll have no hesitation to come back when I want to buy another laptop--Thanks!
Decatur, GA 
Yes, my wife came by and John helped her out. She made a comment again on how helpful the staff is there. She, and I for that matter, have always been treated with respect. Not all company's treat people that way. Some look down their nose at you if you do not know as much as they do. This I have not seen in doing business with Used PC's.com. I look forward to continue to doing business with ya'll. Thanks
Round Rock, Texas
Thanks for looking into this... I wanted to tell you that we really appreciate the way you run your business and the attention you give each of your customers. We always recommend Used-PC's to our clients and have consistently been impressed with your service.
Rev. Dr. W.H. Poteet, Jr.
Bluefield, WV
Couldn't be more pleased - ordered on Friday - the computer arrived on Monday evening. After digging through 5 cuft. of packing peanuts I found all the bits and pieces and in no time flat had the computer on and working. I will certainly recommend your company to anyone looking for a computer. Thanks again.
Jewett, TX
I Have never owned or used a laptop computer, but when I received mine today I was pleasantly surprised, it looks brand new. Thank you so much for helping me get a laptop in such a short time and at the price I wanted to pay. I will definitely let everyone know about your company.
Dee Roper
F&E Check Protector Co.
Birmingham, AL
Thank you for your kind offer to help me with my order - you folks are great! Your generosity has inspired me - I have decided to donate the SFF Optiplex to my technologically challenged brother, and to order a new tower system for myself - which I have just done. So now I'm looking forward to the delivery of _two_ used-pcs Dell systems, both of which I will keep. Geek heaven. Thanks again
Mansfield, MA
Thanks for the info. Sounds like you are busy taking and shipping orders, which is great for you, your business, and our country. Thanks for your help and your wonderful products.
Stafford, VA
Just wanted to let you know that I got the PC today and it works great. It shocked me when the UPS guy was at my door by 9am. Now I am installing the programs for my grandmother. Its going to be a great Christmas gift for her. You guys are the best! I am going to reccomend your site to everyone I know who is looking not to spend thousands of dollars for a computer that runs great. Thanks again! Happy Holidays & Aloha,
Honolulu, HI
I've placed 2 orders with Used-pcs.com and I'm very pleased at the pricing, delivery and quality. I started with a small order for a hard drive to replace another disk's IDE electronics. My 2nd order was for a Dell Optiplex GX1 and was impressed with the professional packaging (bubble wrap and foam peanuts). The PC arrived clean and in great shape. Thanks and keep up the great work,
Georgetown, TX 
The computer arrived on Tuesday, and it appears to have made the trip just fine. Once I've tricked this system out with a DVD player and optical wheel mouse, it'll be a Christmas gift for my daughter. The system looks great - no scuffs or scratches that I can see. You guys do good work, and I have recommended you to co-workers and family ever since my first purchase a year or so ago. Keep it up, and have a happy holiday!
Houston, TX
I was really impressed with the whole shopping experience with you guys, so thank you again for the great laptop! :) I'm definitely going to recommend you guys if somebody mentions needing a machine!
Austin, TX
I really appreciate the thoughtful service. I was surprised I actually got to talk with someone who would give me some insight. I'm anxious to get the computer and fire it up. Thanks again for the help.
Charlotte, NC
Add another testimonial to your list. The PC you sent me works great and arrived exactly as you said it would! I was up and running in 5 minutes. I had to do to get started was enter my CD key, was a great time-saving touch. I will definitely recommend this to friends and will by a monitor from you to match soon. Thanks again and keep up the good work.
Ridge, Va
I appreciate the value you are providing on the equipment. Getting a good deal on used equipment is very important to me in my current situation... ALL the best...
Ben B.
Austin, TX
Very nice machines at a good price! I look forward to another order soon.
Scott C.
Scott, LA
It's been a pleasure doing business with you. I definitely will not hesitate to recommend anybody to do business with you and you are free to use this remark on your website. I wish you the very best.
San Jose, CA
I would like to say that this is a great site. I recently purchased a hard drive & sound card from your company, and had earlier bought a hard drive also. The first hard drive is in my Win 98 machine & is working fine. The second hard drive & ISA sound card is in my Linux machine. They work wonderfully. Both machines are online and are perfect for what I need. Keep up the good work and help keep recycling these old computers. I have recommended you many times over and will continue to speak highly of you. Thanks for being a first rate company!
Tabor City, NC
I would like to thank you for making my recent purchase of a used laptop a big success. I appreciate the pre-sales and point-of-sale service you were able to offer. After arriving back "home" with my new toy, I managed to wipe the hard-drive clean and install Linux without any hitches. A few days of minimal experimentation also proved that everything was working properly. I am glad I bought the machine from your company and I would be more than willing to serve as a reference customer to those people who have not already heard about your fine company from me. Thanks for making my trip to Cedar Park and my computer purchase an enjoyable experience!
Jeff Iezzi
Austin, TX
I got the Dell Laptop today at 1:30 pm. The pc is working fine. Thanks a lot a from your side. You have done a great job. I have recommended your company to my friends!
Shirley, NY
Just a little praise for the great job you did. Got the PC I ordered promptly, but the CD drive wouldn't work. After talking to you on the phone, you offered to ship a new one out and have it delivered the next day. You also said I could return the original to your location if that was more convenient for me. I drove out to Cedar Park and you guys put in a new CD drive while I waited. The moral of the story being that I got a great deal on a used PC and wonderful service after the sale. I will recommend Used-PCs to everybody. Thanks.
Austin, TX
Like I said I am very satisfied with the quality and condition of the Dell computer ordered from your company. I will be buying more systems in the future and your company will for sure be one I will always do buisness with! Thank you for a great product and great service ! Have a good weekend from a satisfied customer!
Memphis, TN
Thank you for the prompt response. This is my second purchase from your company and everything has been great so far. I have been recommending the site to friends and family! Thanks again.
Newburgh, NY 
Wow is all I can say! Fast shipping and the computer is great. I will be ordering from you again!!!!
Park Forest, IL
A situation arose recently whereby we needed to replace two work stations on our NT server. We chose "used-pcs.com" for the first time based on what seemed to be price, quality and delivery. When the units arrived we found that a monitor had been damaged in shipping. A short note to "used-pcs.com" explaining the situation and a replacement monitor was on the way that day. Highly unusual and very commendable for a problem that was not their fault! Upon opening the CPUs I was amazed to find these units as clean inside as a new one might appear. Our first time gamble with buying used computer equipment over the internet was no gamble at all. The staff and products at "used-pcs.com" have more than exceeded our expectations and we will undoubtedly use them again for our future computer needs.
Mark Keyser 
Quality Assured Plastics, Inc. 
Lawrence, MI
I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the new system. It really is a great little PC and has all the bells and whistles I wanted. I wanted to thank you personally For going out of your way to ensure I ended up with exactly what I wanted and needed. You really went above and beyond the call of duty. I hope you will add this letter to your testimonials page so people out there who may be leery or skeptical of buying a used PC online will see this and rest assured that they are in good hands with you people. You can tell em I said so!
Dover, NH
I just wanted to thank you again for your speedy service on fixing the computer that I purchased from you. It did make it back to me on Dec. 24, just in the nick of time. The smile on my daughter's face Christmas morning was great. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone looking for a reasonably priced computer. Your service is great, and once again thank you.
Roswell, GA
This website looks fantastic! The navigation is simple, the computers are easy to find, and all the information I needed was available. Good job guys, everything looks great!
Austin, TX