Our Green Commitment

To reuse is of course, to use an item more than once. With Used-PCs.com remarketing pre-owned Dell Optiplex, Precision and Latitude computers to the US market, we are helping the country 'go green' by saving time, money, energy, and resources. Used-Pcs.com offers quality products to people and organizations with limited budgets, while generating jobs and business activity that contribute to the economy. 

Complete functioning computers are sold to be reused. Incomplete and non-functioning personal computers are recycled by breaking them down into their seperate components. Valueable parts like motherboards, power supplies, processors, memory and drives are tested, refurbished and resold. Remaining product is sent to our downstream vendors to be broken down into their basic elements (glass, metal, plastic, etc) and then reused in future products. 

Everything sold by Used-PCs.com has been restored to it's original condition thru our refurbishing process of inspecting, testing repairing and cleaning. You can rest assured that our restoring process in one of the best in the reconditioned PC marketplace, and all our products are backed by our 4 month warranty.