faq.jpg FAQ's

Q: What software comes loaded on the computers and laptops?   
A:  Most all of the computers and laptops have a version of Windows. Check the description carefully to see which version as we still offer some with the discontinued Windows XP, the older Vista and three versions of Window 7: Home Premium, Professional 32 bit and Professional 64 Bit.   No other software is loaded, so you need to immediately install an Anti-Virus program.
Q: Have any of your products been used with Debian Linux ( ?
A:  Mike from Savanna Georgia sent us this note about the Latitude 2110 Netbook:  "that little netbook is now running Debian Linux (Wheezy, with Xfce desktop) and provides communication between my personal weather station and  The small footprint, tiny price and low power consumption of that little guy makes it perfect for the job.  If anyone asks, the Debian install, from a USB drive, was nearly drama-free. The netbook's graphics chip requires the use of the text-based installer and the only item not handled automatically, during the install, was the firmware installation for the Broadcom wireless hardware.
Q: Please elaborate on what you mean by "refurbished".  i'm particularly concerned about the condition of the hard drive and/or motherboard of any refurbished computer i'd buy from you, particularly how you determine the worthines of the hardware you have refurbished.  
A: We purchase our computers in bulk directly from corporations as well as from "off lease" processing centers.  We normally do not received any or very little warranty from our suppliers, but we back all our product with a six month parts replacement warranty.   (details here: )
Therefore we thoughly clean, inspect and test our computers prior to being listed on our website and once again before they are shipped.   Any components that are suspect are replaced.   Damaged or failed unit will be broken down and the failed part recycled, the good parts sold individualy.
Q:  i'd like to buy a GX620 tower because I want Windows XP but you say "commercial sales only".  i run a small business but I don't resell computers.  does that qualify?
A: We state "commerical sales only" on the XP units because Microsoft no longer support this OS, leaving the computer vulnerable to virus attacks from hackers.   Many businesses still use the XP OS in stand alone applications not tied to the internet.  If you are going to browse the internet with your computer I would suggest a unit with either Vista OS (supported by Microsoft until April 2017), or Windows 7.

Q: I have a Dell Optiplex GX520 that does not power on.  Which part should I order?
The problem could be many things such as the power supply, processor, memory modules, and / or motherboard.  The Optiplex GX520 (like most Dell Optiplex models) does have four diagnostic lights in the front panel which will give you a clue as to the problem.
Do an internet search for "diagnostic lights on Dell Optiplex GX520" to get more information.  Good luck!