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Does your company or institution have hardware needs? wants to solve them for you and save you money! We offer "proven technology at affordable prices" to all businesses, government agencies, and schools who are looking to get the most for their money. We currently have working relationships with major Fortune 500 companies, various government agencies, and a number of major universities and school districts, across the United States!

Outside of the U.S., we provide hundreds of computers to internationalclients who are developing their company. originated as a company that would handle business to business relationships only, but the overwhelming demand by all other types of customers has changed that! now offers volume discounts and net terms to approvedcustomers. We want to be your source for personal computers, notebooks, monitors and other hardware needs. To get the most for your money, quick and reliable service, and quality products for less, you need to choose!

Please contact us for product quotes or credit approval, so you can set up your order today! Send to John Hutchinson at