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I just got my XPI from y'all today, and it works great! All the software was preloaded just as I ordered, and I appreciate the free upgrade. I'll have no hesitation to come back when I want to buy another laptop--Thanks!

Cara in Decatur, GA | Read More
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Fans - Desktop/Server

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SANYO DENKI 109P0412B303

Sanyo Fan 12VDC 0.28A 40x27 109P0412B303 - 109P0412B303

Price $12.75

Dell 9X819

FAN PE1750 GFB0412VHF - 9X819

Price $12.00

DELL P8192

Dell Fan Assembly DC 12V 1.40A Precision 380/Dimension 9100 - P8192

Price $12.00

Dell F7007

Poweredge SC1425 System Fan double fan, (mfg pn:9CR0412S52) - F7007

Price $12.00

Dell W1701

PowerEdge SC1420 Precision 470 670 2nd CPU Fan & Shroud Assembly - W1701

Price $12.00

Dell 3615KL-04W-B59

Fan 12VDC 0.60A; 3615KL-04W-B59 - 3615KL-04W-B59

Price $12.00

Nidec TA450DC

12V, 1.40 AMP Fan, Nidec M/N: B35502-35 - TA450DC

Price $12.00

NMB 3612KL-04W-B66

NMB 12V DC, .68A 3-PIN, Fan(See Also 4W022, D1598) - 3612KL-04W-B66

Price $12.00

Dell 3C254

Fan: PE2500, 3615KL-04W-B59, 12V,.60A - 3C254

Price $12.00

Nidec TA225DC - J1312

Optiplex SX270 Fan: 12V, 0.22 A M/N B35200-35 , D/N J1312 / 0X995 - TA225DC - J1312

Price $12.00

Dell F2419-Delta

Delta DC12V 0.60A Fan AFB0912VH - F2419-Delta

Price $12.00

Dell F2419-Nidec

Nidec TA350C 12V 0.50A Fan M34709-35 - F2419-Nidec

Price $12.00

EMC 118031988

EMC CXXXX Series Dual Fan Assy - 118031988

Price $12.00

Dell W4257

Nidec DC12v 0.29a FAN M33406-35 - W4257

Price $12.00

Dell 711455-003

PowerEdge Fan - 711455-003

Price $12.00

Dell FFB0412VHN (2809D)

Delta 40x28mm Fan - FFB0412VHN (2809D)

Price $10.00

Dell YC957

Dell XPS 600 Front Case Fan Assy - YC957

Price $10.00

JMC Datech 0615-12MBTL

Dell Optiplex GX1 Low Profile Fan - 0615-12MBTL

Price $10.00

Dell DU446

D12V Inspirion 530S Case Fan - DU446

Price $10.00

Dell FFB0412VHN(5114U)

Delta 40x28mm Fan - FFB0412VHN(5114U)

Price $10.00

xxxDell U8679

Cooling Fan Assembly for Optiplex SX280, GX620, 745, 755, 760 Ultra SFF Chassis - U8679

Price $10.00

NMB 2406KL-04W-B36

NMB 12V 0.14A 2.5MM FAN UNIT - 2406KL-04W-B36

Price $10.00

Dell HU843

Vostro 200 400 Case Fan Assembly, 92x92mm, 12V - HU843

Price $10.00

Dell Y841G

Fan: 92mm x 25mm AVC - DS09225R12H, Delta - AUB0912VH, Foxconn - PVA092G12H - Y841G

Price $10.00

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